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Soybeans outpace expectations despite late planting

Clinton County, Indiana: Talk about challenging growing conditions. Indiana experienced a very wet June and an extremely dry July, which left many farmers anxious over the fate of their 2015 crop.

“It was a very challenging year,” said grower and Syngenta Seed Advisor Josh Davison. “We couldn’t get in the fields to plant until May – about a month later than usual. Then a week after planting, the rain started and didn’t stop for a month. But once July hit it got really dry – too dry.”

Against all odds, Davison walked away from the combine impressed by his harvest this season. He said that his NK Soybeans® performed well, exceeding his expectations by 20 to 30 bushels per acre (bu/A). “The NK Soybeans looked great throughout the year, even with the bad weather,” he said. “We didn’t have any issues with lodging or disease.”

According to Davison, the NK Soybeans S39-C4 brand used in his test plot produced an average yield of 73 bu/A. The best performing soybean in the field was NK Soybeans S34-Z1 brand. “The middle maturity [variety] handled the variations in the weather better than the early or late ones,” said Davison. “We were happy with them.”

KMGM Harvest Chasers - Clinton County, Indiana #2

With his soybean harvest finished this year, grower Josh Davison told the Harvest Chasers he was impressed with how well his NK Soybean varieties fared with the tough weather conditions.

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