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Potato psyllid caught in Idaho traps earlier than ever before

IDAHO: Potato psyllid continues to be caught in traps in potato fields across southern Idaho. Four counties have now reported psyllid and, for the first time, “hot psyllid.” Those infected with liberibacter (Lso), a bacterium that causes zebra chip, has been found on bittersweet nightshade samples.

For potato growers in these regions, it’s important to have an Integrated Pest Management (IMP) program in place to control psyllid and the spread of any disease.  Following a soil- or seed-applied insecticide, it’s important to monitor your fields and apply an insecticide such as Agri-MeK® SC insecticide at or before the adult psyllids are seen. Apply a second application seven to 10 days later to prevent psyllid from establishing themselves in the field.

Insecticides with different modes of action, such as insect growth regulators or lipid biosynthesis inhibitors, assure resistance management while protecting natural predators. Applied in blocks of two sprays, these insecticides perform at their best while still complying with strict resistance management strategies.

Always ensure the best foliar coverage possible and apply quality adjuvants according to the label to enhance foliar uptake. Check out this article from University of Idaho Extension for more information.

Reporting from Boise, Idaho


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