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Your neighbor’s crop might have out-yielded yours. Ask why

NORTH DAKOTA: This time of year I come across many growers who are rehashing their crop’s performance for the year, and it never fails that many feel someone else in their area out-performed them. Whether it’s simple coffee shop talk or that someone else actually did out-yield them, the same response is always given, “The variety they had must have been better.”

While variety might have played part of the role, I would encourage you to ask about the other agronomic practices that could have caused the neighbor to put a few more bushels in the bin than you did.

Common questions I would ask would be:

  • When did you plant?
  • How deep did you plant?
  • What kind of tillage practices did you use?
  • What kind of seed treatment did you use?
  • What did you do for fertility?
  • What was your herbicide program?

Now, there are several other questions you could be asking, but this is where I would start. Some of these seemingly very minor things could result in drastic changes in yield under the right environmental conditions.

Reporting from Fargo, North Dakota

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