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Apple management decisions for 2015

NEW YORK: Harvest is close to completion for some or behind us for the lucky ones. It’s now time to look back and think about what worked this past year and what needs to improve in the orchard for the 2015 season.

Some of my observations over the last few weeks include seeing a little scab in some large trees in older blocks, and for the most part insect control was great with lighter pressure in most blocks compared to 2013 or 2012 seasons.

Some things to think about for 2015:

  • With  new SDHI fungicides in the market place, how do they fit into my program with some of the old chemistries still working, especially for powdery mildew control?
  • How did my fireblight program work for me and do I need to make any adjustments with my current program? (There are some new products registered or just about to be registered.)
  • How are my miticides working, do I need to switch my active ingredients up a little?
  • Did I have any apple maggot, plum curculio or internal lep problems to consider next year? (There are a lot of good insecticides out there right now, but it’s sometimes hard to figure out where they all have a fit and can be confusing at times.)
  • How good was my weed control this year, do I need to think about a fall application?

Contact your local Syngenta representative for recommendations and good luck finishing out this year’s harvest.

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Reporting from Jamesville, NY

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