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Ever wonder if your seed treatment is working?

pulse seed treatment

ROCKY MOUNTAIN STATES: At the Northern Plains Grow More Experience site, we have a trial to look at the true impact of seed treatments on pulse crops.  We hired an independent research company to plant, treat, and maintain and collect data from our seed treatments on pulse crops plot (as well as several others) to help us answer our top-of-mind agronomic questions from growers.

In the photo above, you can see the emergence pattern of an untreated pea crop versus one that was treated with ApronMaxx® brand fungicide.

Conditions in the Northern Plains growing region have been wet, to say the least.  Right next to and even slightly spilling into our pea seed treatment plot were areas we have fondly started calling “the duck ponds.” Despite the stressful growing conditions in a wet year, we do see differences between the two treatments in the root digs. Healthier and larger root systems have already starting developing in the treated areas, with nodules starting to form compared to the untreated.

pulse seed treatment

If you want to take a look for yourself, please join us July 8 in Scobey, Mont. from 9 a.m. to noon MST at our Grow More Experience field day. Be ready to get dirty! We have large blocks of demonstration plots for you to dig up the results, so you too can see to believe.

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 Reporting from Scobey, MT

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