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ALERT: Black cutworm moth flight in northern Indiana

Black cutworm moths

MIDWEST: While checking my black cutworm trap today I found some moths. These are not black cutworms but appear to be a related species – possibly Enargia decolor. Nevertheless, recent storms have likely brought in black cutworm moths from their overwintering habitat in the South.

Tillage to destroy winter annual weeds will make your fields less attractive to female moths, but considering the wet fields, that tillage might not happen soon enough to prevent them from laying eggs. Consider planting a hybrid with an insect trait stack like Agrisure Viptera® to protect your stands from the devastation of black cutworm larvae. Another strategy is to add a pyrethroid insecticide such as Warrior II with Zeon Technology® to your burndown herbicide.

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Reporting from Churubusco, IN

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