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Weeds: Knock ’em down, kick ’em when they’re down

MIDWEST: This winter may seem endless, but hey, there are only 35 days left until spring, and things will start to “green up” in a few weeks. I know farmers with cover crops are itching to get them killed so planting can be off to a good start.

It’s crucial to recognize the importance of getting a good cover-crop kill once they’re done sequestering nutrients and helping to control top-soil erosion. The increased number of species showing resistance to herbicides means we have to put some thought into this process, so here are three considerations:

  1. Consider your weed control program as a “system.”
  2. Make sure the cover crop is out of dormancy and starting to grow. Spraying a dormant crop, green or not, is a waste of time and money.
  3. Very importantly, use multiple modes of action in the burndown as part of your plan to use overlapping residuals for pre-plant and post-emerge applications in your weed control system.

Reporting from Danville, IN

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