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Warm weather has everything ahead of schedule this year

MORRISON, Ill. – As record temperatures have flowers, trees and weeds blooming across the area, many retailers and growers are ahead of schedule in applying fertilizer and  chemicals, and completing tillage. Rumor has it there might even already be some corn and beans planted in the area. As I look at soil temperatures and the forecast, we have had better conditions than most of last year’s conditions for planting. The calendar history of the last frost in late April and insurance date of April 6 for corn and April 16 for soybeans is holding most growers back. This has been a major topic the last few weeks.

Many growers have been using cover crops across the area, and others are considering it. Now is a great time to evaluate how cover crops performed. If you’re considering it, I would recommend looking at different systems to determine the best one for you..

It is also a great time for removing cover crops before they get too big in size and interfere with planting, even emergence and early crop growth.

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