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Systemic Fungicides Enhance Gummy Stem Blight Control

This agronomic image shows gummy stem blight damage on watermelon.

Gummy stem blight control, a primary focus in the 2017 University of Florida IFAS Extension and Clemson University Cooperative Extension Watermelon Spray Guides, will likely continue to be a top concern for extension specialists in 2018.

In a media release issued by Clemson announcing their release of the 2017 guide, researchers pointed out a major change to recommendations which now emphasize the importance of systemic fungicides to gummy stem blight management. Data discussed in the release demonstrated that the use of systemic fungicides reduced disease severity and also inhibited the formation of fungal spores to a greater extent than protectant fungicides.

Per Clemson University Cooperative Extension Watermelon Spray Guide, Inspire Super® fungicide and Switch® fungicide are recommended for gummy stem blight management in a rotation program with fungicides from other FRAC groups. Inspire Super combines 2 active ingredients for broad-spectrum control of watermelon diseases via its translaminar and xylem-mobile systemic activity. Switch attacks disease pathogens at 4 different stages in the pathogen life cycle to provide long-lasting control.

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