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Alert: Pests Spotted in Arkansas

Arkansas – According to entomologist Dr. Gus Lorenz, in rice and soybeans there have been sightings of:

  • Red banded stink bugs
  • Soybean loopers

Red banded stink bugs continue to be an issue. Some behavioral differences have been noticed between red banded and other varieties of stink bugs. On cool mornings, red banded stink bugs will travel to the base of the plant and onto the soil to capture radiant heat coming off the ground. Because of this movement, growers scouting for pests early in the morning might miss these insects, so make sure to wait until later in the day.

To hear more about pests and management solutions, listen to Dr. Lorenz’s Pest Patrol update.

For fields that have reached threshold levels, consider Syngenta insecticides like Besiege®.

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