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New Winter Wheat Variety Offers Optimum Yields Across a Range of Conditions

This agronomic image shows a field of AgriPro SY Grit, a hard red winter wheat variety.

AgriPro is introducing a new winter wheat variety for growers in the Central and Southern Plains: SY Grit, a hard red winter variety that offers optimum yields across a range of conditions. SY Grit is a yield leader, standing well in good conditions and offering excellent straw strength. It also features great drought tolerance to maintain yields in tough, dry conditions. SY Grit is a medium early maturity with a good disease tolerance package, well suited for the Central and Southern Plains and is widely adapted in Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas and across southern Nebraska.

AgriPro wheat varieties are top performers, consistently ranking in the top yield group regionally across North America and are expertly positioned to deliver consistent performance where they are planted, offering best-in-class disease packages, leading agronomics and outstanding yields. Learn about other winter wheat varieties being offered in the Central and Southern Plains this season.

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