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Progress in Pana

This agronomic image shows soybeans treated with CruiserMaxx Vibrance.

Caption: A trial plot showcasing CruiserMaxx® Vibrance® Beans seed treatment insecticide/fungicide at the Pana, IL, Grow More Experience site on June 13, 2017, showed even emergence and vigorous growth.

Corn and soybean demonstration plots at the Pana, IL, Grow More Experience site are up and growing fast. The site received timely rains at the beginning of the season, 12-15” total, but has been dry as of early to mid-June. Despite the recent lack of rain, the corn and soybean trial plots are progressing as expected. July will be an optimal time to see the corn and soybean herbicide trials while August will be best for the fungicide trials.

Contact your Syngenta representative to visit the Pana, IL, Grow More Experience site and check the Know More, Grow More blog throughout the season for periodic updates and event recaps.

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