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Scout Early for Cotton Pests to Manage Infestations

A recent article in AgFax underscores the importance of scouting cotton for plant bugs from the first square until the last harvestable boll.

When scouting, be sure to check along the edges and through the middle of your field. Plant bugs can distribute unevenly and may move through the day, so thoroughly checking plants throughout the field is necessary. Data shows that leaving plant bugs untreated hurts yield, so when they reach treatable levels insecticide applications need to begin early and may be needed multiple times.

At this point in the season, a full-labelled rate of a neonicotinoid, such as Centric® foliar insecticide, is a good option. Using neonicotinoids initially allows for rotation to pyrethroids later in the season, which is a great way to practice insecticide resistance management.

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