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Lowering Risk of Disease in Soybean and Corn

As we head into summer, soybean and corn crops may face diseases such as northern corn leaf blight (NCLB), gray leaf spot (GLS) and Frogeye Leaf Spot (FLS). These diseases can be particularly destructive.


  • Yield losses may be has high as 30-50% if the disease becomes established before tasseling


  • Up to 50% yield loss


  • Up to 30% yield loss with extensive leaf blighting

In regions where the disease has been reported, yield losses ranged from 10-90%.

When looking for a fungicide that can take care of these and a broad-spectrum of other diseases in corn and soybeans, we recommend Trivapro® fungicide. This harder-working, longer-lasting fungicide features three active ingredients that deliver residual disease control and crop enhancement benefits to help maximize yield potential.

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