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Arkansas Rice: Phosphorous, Potassium and Lime Applications

Although we’re still weeks away from rice being planted, we should start thinking about timing of phosphorous (P), potassium (K) and lime applications now.

According to the University of Arkansas Research & Extension, properly timed application is key. What’s the general rule for timing? The closer to rice planting P and K are applied, the less likely these nutrients will be fixed or lost, which maximizes their direct benefit to the rice crop.

Apply too early, however, and the University of Arkansas Research & Extension warns that the chances of P being held in forms not readily available to the plant and the likelihood of K leaching increases. Lime applications are usually not recommended going into planting rice, however, assess the pH levels in your fields to confirm.

What can you do to determine if and when you should apply P, K and lime? The answer is soil testing.

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